A year of upcycling

In honour of #nationalupcyclingday (and due to the fact that I have unexpectedly been up since 5), I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on some of the upcycling projects I’ve been working on over the last year or so.

It was with some excitement that I found a while ago, that that thing what I had been doing for most of my life, that whole making use of things I already had, tarting things up, making do etc.. It actually had a name. And it was rather fashionable, don’t you know.

Yes, upcycling is terribly trendy at present, but let’s face it, it’s nothing new. I’ve stepped things up a notch over the last couple of years though, especially with all the fabulous blogs and Pinterest boards that are out there. Jen Gale of My Make Do and Mend Year fame, continues to rally the upcycling movement and provide all sorts of inspirational ideas, but most importantly connecting a whole community of people who want to live more sustainably.


Jurassic Chintz

So.. Back to the original train of thought.   This year has been about expanding my repertoire and I’ve been working hard to find ways of continually replenishing my inspiration reserves. The #100daysofproject has been surprisingly revealing, not just in giving me new ideas (see #100daysofsilhouette for details), but also in giving me an insight into my own personality. It’s shown me that I can often lack sustained focus and have a tendency to flit between projects.. Something that I’m working on! I have come up with lots of new silhouette ideas as a result though and still don’t think I can top one of the earliest in the process, my Jurassic Chintz hurricane lamp.


Pom-poms in jars

Other projects this year have included the slow growth of a pom-pom rug (unfinished), the revamping of our hearth with decoupage (unfinished), a decoupage wall mural (again, unfinished) and a decoupage standard lampshade (finished.. Hoorah!). What I have been proud of achieving though, is my first exhibition in an actual, proper gallery space, which spurred me on to produce all sorts of new upcycled glass ideas and in particular, to develop my silhouette glasses. As a result, my house (and shed) are now brimming with glass items, mostly vintage, some upcycled, some not, but all providing the inspiration that I’ll need for another year of creativity.


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